Welcome to DeltaEgyptTrade




Delta Egypt Trade is a specialized company in exporting and trading fruits and vegetables comes from the best farms.
We guarantee the best products with the highest specifications and standards using the best types of fertilizers with low ratios. In regard to our customers packing requirements.
We build our trust and name through our commitments and shipments to European market.
We seek to gain more customers in our data through our competitive prices, quality, delivering in time, packing style and being a golden member in our Delta Egypt Trade.
The golden member is a segment in our customers with no limited facilities and services. We are high ranked among the Egyptian companies and we will be committed to that all over the world.




Delta Egypt Trade uses the best and up to date techniques and methodologies to improve our product by studying the market and its demands. Our vision is to be there in your everyday life products with our motto  “Green and Sweet”.

We green your life through our products (organic or fertilizered) and make our business cooperation and communication a sweet experience that you won’t forget. We know that business is important based on mutual benefit but we believe in People and their health more. We seek differentiation concept with our Delta Egypt trade team.