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Delta Egypt Trade seeks to compete the international markets demands with the high quality and reasonable prices.

We believe that we can make difference with our customers through the operations, handling and customer care.

Delta Egypt Trade has been in different regions and countries but we will reach more by our integrity and transparency in keeping the whole picture of our farms, our packing house and our customs clearance in front of our valuable customers.



Our company is being blessed with a connected professional team that has many years of experience in international trade, specialists to follow up the process of cultivation, packinghouse and shipping to match the international markets in parallel with following up the stage of marketing and sales in different countries until reaching the final consumer in order to ensure quality and safety of the products as a general rule for our company is to provide healthy and tasty products.



















  • Meet the international markets by studying their requirements and standards of health and quality.
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  • Ensure products to reach the global standards by continuous working on inspection, conformity and quality companies.


  • Digesting and analyzing the needs of local markets.


  • Matching the arrival products to the quality standards.


  • Matching products to the quality standards and food safety.


  • Packing Quality.


  • Export to all European and Asian countries.


  • Strengthening the image of Egyptian products in the international markets and the mindset abroad.




  • Continuous analysis to the international markets needs and demands


  • High effective logistics services with our partners in success (shipping Lines) in shipments delivering and following up.


  • Delta Egypt Trade company depends on certified Packing houses (BRC Food, ISO 22000, Food Safety).


  • Delta Egypt trade company depends on getting its products from (Global Gab) farms.


  • Delta Egypt trade company depends on getting its products from (Global Gab) farms.


  • Delta company depends on getting its products from (Global Gab) farms.


  • Delta Egypt company is always working with Best types of fertilizers with low ratio products.


  • Delta Egypt trade company has the ability to provide all types of agricultural products(organic or fertilizered) and also working hard on frozen products.


  • All of the packing of the company from factories have an approved international quality certificates.


  • Delta Egypt trade company reaches competitive prices with quality assurance in completing our business.